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【Well-known Artist-USA】Michael Lam ( Preface 序言 )
来源:本站 作者:编辑 日期:2021/9/20 19:45:32

2nd《Save the Planet》International Artists Exhibition


2021/11/02(二)~ 2021/11/29(一)

臺南市政府 民治市政中心 一樓展廳


【Well-known Artist-USA】Michael Lam 



"Michael lam is a distinguished person in the contemporary art world." Dr. Alessandro Costanza

Michael Lam insists on raising awareness for nature conservation and protection He wants to contribute and impose the artist role in society, which in a way is an awareness and education role, by promoting peace, equality, interpersonal love, progress and human emancipation. --- Dr. of Art History Shpresa Tolaj Gjonbalaj

Michael Lam 堅持提高自然保育意識,他想通過促進和平、平等、人際間的愛、進步和人類解放來貢獻和強加藝術家在社會中的角色,這在某種程度上是一種意識和教育角色。 ---藝術史博士 Shpresa Tolaj Gjonbalaj



I am Michael Lam, a conceptual artist from New York City, and a founder of Vision Art Media in the United States.

The organizer of Save the Planet / International Art Exhibition invited me to write a preface for this grand exhibition. First of all, on behalf of artists and myself, I would like to thank the Tainan City Government and the World Culture Exchange and Commerce Association for their wonderful contributions. I am very grateful to the artists for their active participation in this meaningful art event.

Save The Planet is an international group exhibition elaborately planned by Lotus Wu, the well-known curator of WCECA. The theme goes straight to our souls. Ms. Wu has contributed a lot of energy and precious time to this extraordinary exhibition. She is absolutely incredible!

In the 21st century, opportunities and challenges, hope and difficulties coexist. While it creates a brilliant performance for us, it also brings us deliberation like environmental issues.

The earth is the mother of all beings. It is unique, selflessly offering us her all. We, human beings, have the responsibility and obligation to cherish it and prevent it from being polluted or destroyed. It's necessary to keep it clean and green. Without it, we cannot survive and have no place to live. We should, and must, protect it like caring for our families. 

Art is life, no matter how fragile the times. Art is a testimony of the human condition. It encompasses all of our hardships, emotions, questions, decisions, perceptions, love, hatred, life, and death. The way we perceive our world and every aspect of humanity can be expressed through art!!

Congratulations to all the artists who participated in the exhibition! Save the Planet is such a universal foundation in humanity that transcends time, space, and culture. Artists are using powerful tools to connect their humanity to others by visualizing shared desires, to show audiences the possibilities, expressed with their tools and their hearts.

I specially created a heartbreaking work for this theme exhibition as a congratulatory present. The title is "The Heartfelt Wish From Mother Earth - An Urge To Weep". I hope, through my work, it arouses everyone’s sympathy. 

Through this significant activity, let’s hope more people join us in caring for our earth. Together with artists, we Save The Planet. 

Wish this exhibition a complete success! May the world be peaceful! May everyone be well and safe!


Michael Lam 

a conceptual artist

founder of Vision Art Media

序      言

我是來自紐約市的意念派藝術家Michael Lam,並在早年於美國創立了視覺藝術傳媒,我非常榮幸應<守護地球> 國際藝術大展的主辦方邀請為本次盛大的展覽寫序;首先讓我代表我自己及所有的參展藝術家感謝台南市政府和世界文創產學經貿協會在這展出作出的貢獻,也十分感謝藝術家們對這個很有意義的藝術活動積極參與。

21世紀可謂是挑戰與機遇同在,希望與困難共存。 它在為我們創造輝煌業績的同時,也給我們帶來了許多難題,其中首要的就是環境問題。

地球是萬物之母。 它是獨一無二的,無私地為我們提供了她的一切。 我們人類有責任和義務去珍惜它,防止它被污染或破壞。 為了我們的生存,有必要保持它的清潔和綠色。 沒有它,我們就沒有地方住,也無法生存。 我們應該而且必須保護它,就像關心我們的家人一樣。

知名策展人WCECA世界文創產學經貿協會 理事長 吳慧蓮 創辦《守護地球》的藝術展,直擊心靈。她為這個展貢獻了大量的精力及寶貴的時間,精神可嘉,值得我們向她致敬!

藝術就是生命,無論時代多麼脆弱。 藝術是人類狀況的見證。 它包含了我們所有的困難、情感、問題、決定和看法。 愛,恨,生,死。 從本質上講,我們感知世界的方式,人類的方方面面都可以通過藝術來表達!! 藝術,就像生活中的所有其他努力一樣,是通過調查和經驗獲得的。

恭喜所有參展的藝術家,通過藝術,藝術家正在表達他們的人性。《守護地球》,是人類超越時間、空間和文化的普遍基礎。 當藝術家們通過藝術傳達《守護地球》的資訊時,他們正在使用一種強大的工具,通過視覺化一個共同的願望,將他們的人性與另一個人的人性聯繫起來;他們通過向觀眾展示用他們的工具和他們的心表達的可能性來加強對《守護地球》的信心。 

本人今次特別為本次主題畫展創作了一個心碎的作品送給大會作為賀禮,作品題目是"大地的心聲--欲哭 " 我希望通過我這個作品,能引起大家的共鳴並與藝術家們共同《守護地球》,也希望通過這次活動,讓更多的人能夠參與到愛護地球的行列中來,讓我們一起《守護地球》各自出多一分力量。

祝願這次活動圓滿成功! 世界和平!人人安康!

Michael Lam 

意念派藝術家 / 視覺藝術傳媒創始人

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